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4000W 220V AC Voltage Regulator Built-in A Cooling Fan Voltage Controller Motor Speed Controller

1. Product Name: 4000W AC Voltage Regulator
2. SCR model: BTA41-800B
3. Size: 68*100*40mm (knob inner hole: 6mm)
4. Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power)
5. Efficiency: over 90%
6. Weight: 143g
7. Working voltage: AC 220V
8. Adjust voltage: AC 0-220V

- The product is mainly used for resistive loads (such as electric furnace wire, motor speed, etc.)
- Reduce power usage for a long time. It is recommended to use a room temperature resistive load of 2000W.

The voltage under the load must be turned on first, and the no-load voltage is unchanged.

Package includes:
1x Voltage regulator

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