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1: Product Model: YYH-1S
2: Input voltage: DC10V~15V
3: Theory can control the output current: within 160A
4: Static standby current: only about 3MA
5: Signal type: The control signal uses the sink current drive mode, supports the direct drive of most of the single-chip microcomputers, the signal isolation chip is isolated, and the PWM signal frequency is supported within 200KHZ; the duty cycle supports 0~98%
6: Use fast recovery diodes to prevent over-induction of electromotive force during motor start-up.
7: NMOS tube with very low internal resistance of 3 milliohms
8: Control signal 3.3v/5v compatible
9: Board size 83.82×49.78mm

Package included:
1 x H-bridge High Power DC Motor Drive Module

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