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1. Pin-compatible, drop-in upgrades for popular high-speed digital optocouplers
2. Wide range of product options
3. Performance and reliability advantages vs. optocouplers:
- Resistant to temperature, age and forward current effects
- Data rates dc to 15 Mbps
- 10x lower FIT rate for longer service life
- Higher common-mode transient immunity: >50 kV/µs typical
- Lower power and forward input diode current
4. 1 channel diode emulator input
5. 3 to 30 V open collector output
6. Propagation delay 30 ns
7. PCB footprint compatible with optocoupler packaging
8. Up to 5000 VRMS isolation and 10 kV surge protection
9. AEC-Q100 qualified
10. Wide operating temperature range: –40 to +125 °C
11. RoHS-compliant packages:
- SOIC-8 (Narrow body)
- DIP8 (Gull-wing)
- SDIP6 (Stretched SO-6)
The Si87xx isolators are pin-compatible, one-channel, drop-in replacements for popular optocouplers with data rates up to 15 Mbps. 
These devices isolate high-speed digital signals and offer performance, reliability, and flexibility advantages not available with optocoupler solutions. 
The Si87xx series is based on Silicon Labs' proprietary CMOS isolation technology for low-power and high-speed operation and are resistant to the wear-out effects found in optocouplers that degrade performance with increasing temperature, forward current, and device age. As a result, the Si87xx series offer longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to optocouplers. 
Ordering options include open collector output with and without integrated pull-up resistor and output enable options.
Industrial automation
Motor controls and drives
Isolated switch mode power supplies
Isolated data acquisition
Test and measurement equipment
Package includes:

1 x PWM Speed Controller

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