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Working voltage: DC 8V-36V (limit working voltage DC 6V-45V)
rated power:
Static power < 0.1W (when the relay is not engaged)
Dynamic power < 3.0W (when the relay is fully engaged)
Working temperature: -20°C-60°C (limit operating temperature range -30°C-70°C)
load capacity:
Relay normally open port load capacity: DC 0-30V / 10A, AC 0-250V / 10A
Relay normally closed port load capacity: DC 0-28V / 10A, AC 0-125V / 10A
Size: 140*80*20 (length*width*height)
Module interface:
Module voltage / signal input: 12-wire interface, all interfaces have terminal blocks for user convenience
Relay load output: 24-wire interface, all terminals have terminal blocks
1. VIN: DC power supply positive
2. GND: DC power supply negative
3. OFF: power control terminal (power off when high level)
4. COM: the common end of the photoelectric isolation signal input terminal
5. IN1-IN8: input signal detection interface
1. The input signal detection interface can be either active high or active low. The user can select through the COM port. If COM is connected to H, IN1-IN8 is active high. If COM is connected to L, IN1-IN8 is active low!
2. Trigger voltage (COM, IN1-IN8 port voltage): do not exceed 5V for high level and do not exceed 0.8V for low level.
Package included:
1 X 8 channel multi-function relay module

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